Super Tasty ASAP Bars.

Hey guys I am back and today I am gonna share my views about these latest nutri bars.

My gym instructor advised me to have something nutritious for evenening snacks and somebody suggested me these granola bars. I orederd this from and after trying all the three flavors I am in Love with these ASAP (As Simple As Possible) Bars.

These nutri bars are perfect to Kill your hunger pangs. These tasty ASAP bars comes with three amazing flavors. Which are:

  1. Almond & Dark Chocolate
  2. Cashew, Almond & Caramel
  3. Fruit & White Chocolate

  • Almond & Dark Chocolate : This one is the best combo of decadent dark chocolate with wholesome almonds. Perfect snack for evening.

It contains Rolled Oats, Dark Chocolate (19%), Almond (16%), Rice Crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Butter, Liquid Glucose, Milk Powder, Edible Gum & Natural Flavor.

  • Cashew, Almond & Caramel : I loved this flavor as the crunchy cashews and almonds dipped in goodness of caramel in this one.

This one is made with Rolled Oats, Caramel (19%), Rice Crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Cream, Almond (8%), Cashew (8%), Butter, Liquid Glucose, Peanut Butter etc.

  • Fruit & White Chocolate : This flavor is a perfect combo of sweet tangy berries and smooth white chocolate and I am sure you’ll love this one.

This amazing bar is loaded with Rolled Oats, White Chocolate (19%), Rice Crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Strawberry (8%), Raisins (8%) and some more healthy ingredients.

The best part is ASAP Bars do not contain any chemical preservatives and added colours which makes it A Perfect pick-me-up . So hurry up and order these yummy and tasty nutri bars as soon as possible. The weight of each bar is 40 gms and priced at Rs 30/- only.

You can order these healthy bars from here: ASAP Bars

Or you can order it through

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